Why_do_foreigners_always_wind _up_with_bad_Filipinas

Why is it that foreigners end up with Bad Filipinas
It must be understood that foreigners will usually end up meeting a certain type of Filipina that does not really represent the true Filipina. What I mean is that those Filipinas looking for a foreigner either for sex, friendship or relationship represent a different class. While it is true that Filipinas are loving, faithful, caring, loyal etc. etc. those Filipinas especially the young ones 18-22 seeking foreigners for marriage or relationships are not. These Filipinas are seeking foreigners for their money and have aspirations to make themselves and their family financially better off. Most Filipinas do not aspire to be in a relationship with a foreigner, they prefer their own kind and would not dream of even been seen walking down the street with a foreigner. The cultural stigma attached with being seen together with a foreigner in public means they will be labelled as a prostitute. This cultural belief has manifested itself from all the negative media representations associated with sex tourism, internet cybersex and paedophilia.
Foreigners do not understand that the Filipino women they will meet on or off line will not represent the normal type of Filipina woman. They will be women who have either been abused by Filipino men in the past or are single mothers, prostitutes or simply rejected by Filipino men. Filipino men have the best pick of women and do not like their women to be with a foreigner, that’s too much for their egos. The culture keeps the best for itself and exports its worst. Foreigners would not be welcomed into the Philippines if they were snatching the best women from the Filipino men. Foreigners are tolerated because it is well known that they have Filipina rejects as partners. The best and most moral and beautiful women are the property of Filipino men. Come to the Philippines and you will see that the best looking Filipinas have Filipino boyfriends and husbands. It is a very rare sight to see even a good looking Foreigner with a beautiful Filipina. So why is this so? It is an illusion to think that just because you are a foreigner you can have the best pick of the women in the Philippines because if they were all after money that would be the case. You as the foreigner are considered an underclass in the Philippines, you are considered to be either a sex maniac or sex tourist and not worthy of respect either way. On the surface however you will be called ‘sir’ and shown respect but that is only a smoke screen.
There are few places on Earth that are more disguised with deception and hypocrisy than the Philippines. It is common for Filipinas to say they don’t care about Foreigners age or looks. The Filipina will be content with a western man regardless of his age or looks because he has what she needs most of all, i.e. ‘money’. If you are a western guy and have enough money you can have a dream of a time in the Philippines. The amount of money you will need depends on the Filipinas that you are with and the price they think they are worth and will expect from you.
If you only intend to come to the Philippines for a short holiday and are not interested in forming any meaningful relationships then this is the best way to go. Prices vary greatly depending on the places you go. The best and cheapest place is Angeles City or Subic Bay and the most expensive is Makati in Manila. There are many girls such as College students that will prostitute themselves in order to pay for their tuition and others to help their families. The Philippines is one of a few countries where students double up as prostitutes to help pay for their private education and their living expenses. The Philippines has been fortunate not to have as many foreign sex tourists as Thailand for example and therefore the cases of AIDS are still low. Care should always be taken whenever engaging in sex in exchange for money. Bar girls are usually the safest because they are required to have regular doctor check-ups as opposed to ordinary girls who are usually not even aware they may have an STD due to lack of education. Children in schools are not given sufficient sex education to prepare them for all the dangers and risks and contraception is almost taboo.